Wand: Cricket spray tip for Handi-Spray CorrosionX application system

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Handi-Spray application systems were designed to atomize CorrosionX and CorrosionX Aviation into an incredibly fine, smoke-like fog. This fine atomization converts low and medium viscosity liquid products into micro-droplets that stay suspended in the air for an extended period of time. This degree of atomization is key for achieving the most cost-effective and thorough application corrosion preventative compounds and other liquid products into airframes and other irregularly shaped enclosures where direct application is not practical (e.g. around blind corners, unreachable areas, etc.).

The Cricket Wand is a standard application wand (or in the case, tip) for Handi-Spray application systems. It is a 1" spray tip that attaches to the tigger/gun of a Handi-Spray system to deliver a fan shaped (approximately 45˚) spray of fog similar to an aerosol can (only the spray is much finer – like a fog or smoke rather than a spray). When adjusted properly, this wand will deliver up to a 4' - 5' plume of material.

Handi-Spray System Brochure (download)
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