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Improved Sprocket Efficiency
"When I first treated the chain, I noticed it was quieter and smoother. The shifting was more responsive and accurate, which is important when you're in a race. SpeedX also keeps the chain from rusting when it gets wet."
Rick Tinney, Cajun Cyclists Bicycle Racing Team

Break Records
"I just tried SpeedX on my slot car. With no other modification, my lap time dropped by nearly a tenth of a second, enabling me to post the fastest lap ever at my local track!"
Tim Kern, Aero-News Network

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Works under heavy loads and high temperatures. Actually polar bonds to the metal surface and will not sling off. Penetrates into sealed bearings.

Oils normally used for lubrication are displaced by moisture and pressure so their effectiveness is diminished. Even under the best circumstances, they don't last very long. Not so with SpeedX. It actually polar bonds to metal and hugs it like a magnet. SpeedX releases the surface tension of moisture, displaces it and maintains a fantastic lubricating capability.

Use SpeedX for remarkable lubrication of:

  • In-line Skates

  • Skateboards

  • Roller Skates

  • Bicycles Gears, Derailleurs

  • Chains and Bearings

  • Other Sports Equipment

"The lowest coefficient
of friction
ever measured
on two metal-to-metal wear surfaces."

SpeedX lubricates better than products with Teflon. It gives long-lasting, heat-resistant lubrication, decreases wear and extends the useful life of treated items. Skateboards, roller skates, chains and derailleurs operate smoother, quieter, with greater efficiency and last longer when treated with SpeedX.
corrosion inhibitorLike all CorrosionX, SpeedX has a 100% Money Back Guarantee - NO IFs, ANDs or BUTs!

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