Pro Detail Pack

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NEW Detail Pack Web Special

Everything you need to clean, beautify and protect that special vehicle and keep it looking better than showroom.

  • One 16 fl oz Xtreme Clean for the initial wash to strip old wax
  • One half gallon Pro Wash RX for subsequent washes
  • One 16 fl oz RejeX paint sealant
  • One 32 fl oz Mr. Detail quick detail trigger spray for bug splats, bird droppings and other quick touch-up cleanings between regular washes.

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1 Review

Jim Aug 19th 2019

Rejex paint sealant, detail kit

Great price! I’ve tried lots of products on my r129. I applied Sunday night after full correction. The product went on very easy 15 to 20 min flash to haze came off with ease. I was very impressed with the deep shine and how slick it was as good if not better the the other products I’ve used with much higher price tag. I have to say I’ll see how long it lasts on a weekend driver. I believe I’m sold on this RejeX, and haven’t even had chance to use the wash and detail spray yet. Nice job A+ on this guys. thank you. Sorry wouldn’t let me copy paste photo.

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