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Mr. Detail quick detail spray

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The Instant Detail Spray That Cleans And Shines Like Magic!

Mr. Detail™ returns aircraft, boats, cars, RVs, motorcycles and bicycles to that 'just detailed' look between regular washing and waxing (or RejeX-ing). Quickly and easily removes dust, road film, fingerprints, grease, streaks and water spots safely from most vehicle surfaces.

  • Cleans and shines all hard surfaces – just like magic!
  • High lubricity formula picks up dirt and dust without scratching
  • Removes harmful contaminants such as exhaust, bug splats and bird droppings
  • Enhances shine
  • Biodegradable surfactants

The ideal cleaning compliment for a vehicle protected with RejeX or Xtreme Finish.

Mr. Detail Safety Data Sheet (SDS download)
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1 Review

Larry W Poe Mar 10th 2018

Mr Detail

Used Mr Detail to do light clean and polish. The shine it leaves is great. More work than I expected remove the detail film residue.

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