Garage Pack

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Garage Pack Special

Cars, bikes, skates, tools, lawn and garden name it. They'll all look and run better with this dynamic duo!

  • One 12 oz. RejeX
  • One 16 oz. CorrosionX aerosol

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Please notify us upon receipt of any damaged or defective product, and we will immediately replace it. If we are unable to ship your order for any reason, we will issue a complete refund. CorrosionX products have an indefinite shelf life. RejeX is guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase from only. Aerosol products are warranted for three years.

1 Review

A Luptak May 18th 2018

Great stuff

I haven't bought Rejex in a long time, but after dealing with the soot and grime on the chrome exhaust tips of a new car, I decided to buy again. Today was the first time I washed the car after the application and the combination of soot/dirt wiped right with normal car wash soap.

Corrosion X is pricey compared to other similar products with WD or PB in their names, but I haven't found anything that this product can't un-stick or make so it doesn't stick. I lent some to a neighbor for a truck tailgate he could not get unstuck. He was amazed by its effectiveness.

I can't recommend both products enough. A little expensive, but very much worth the cost.

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