"This American product beat WD40 hands down, both as a penetrant – releasing jammed bolts within minutes – and as a water repellant. Months later, the engine and chassis are still coated in a barely discernible skin of oil and we're still wiping the egg from our faces."
Land Rover Monthly




"We boaters face an ever-present foe in the form of corrosion. Luckily, there are several corrosion-inhibitors on the market. After thoroughly testing a half-dozen of them, both in a head-to-head comparison and through the years, the stand-out leader in this field is CorrosionX. Once sprayed or wiped onto a metal surface, it creates a dielectric film that displaces moisture and halts the path of currents between electrons. As a result, corrosion simply cannot occur. CorrosionX also lubricates metal parts. Spray it onto a rag, use it to wipe down anything metal on your boat, and you'll discover that corrosion is stopped in its tracks."

"There is only one retailer I know of in Northern California who carries your products, but I keep trying to get folks to stock, particularly CorrosionX (both types). I am frankly astonished that every boatyard doesn't have it on hand. Standard CorrosionX has become my skateboard bearing lube of choice, too."

Matt Connorton
Calistoga, CA

"Since I began using CorrosionX on my Class 3 weapons, the occasional hang-ups have ceased. The last shoot I attended, each gun fired over 2,000 rounds. When cleaning that night, there was still a thin coat of CorrosionX left on each slide. It works so well as a lubricant I use it not only on all my guns, but on the Harleys and any equipment I own."

Lynn Cunningham
Carmichaels, PA

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