CorrosionX Air Tool Treatment

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CorrosionX® is now available with a precision tip for pinpoint application as well as conveniently refilling in-line oilers. CorrosionX's unique Polar Bonding technology kills and prevents rust and corrosion, provides unmatched long-lasting lubrication and is impervious to the moisture prevalent in pneumatic equipment.

  • Unbeatable lubrication and wear protection for all air-operated tools, equipment and fittings
  • Kills rust and prevents it from forming
  • Resists oxidation and foaming
  • Prevents tool freezing / requires no separate anti-freeze
  • Makes rusted components perform like new
  • Greatly extends equipment service life
CorrosionX Brochure (download)
CorrosionX Product Data Sheet (download)
CorrosionX Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ download)
CorrosionX aerosol Safety Data Sheet (SDS download)
CorrosionX Safety Data Sheet (SDS download)


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Please notify us upon receipt of any damaged or defective product, and we will immediately replace it. If we are unable to ship your order for any reason, we will issue a complete refund. CorrosionX products have an indefinite shelf life.

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