Spring Fever (and yes, it is a small world after all)

Even after all this time, I still get an ear-to-ear grin whenever a new RejeX customer discovers that amazing shine for the first time, and I receive a "thank you" note with the obligatory RejeX-bottle-on-the-hood photo. 

I can't help it. I like toys! And even though I'll probably never have either sufficient time or sufficient bankroll to have more than one or two toys myself, if it rollsfloats or flies – it's a bit thrill to share in each customer's fun and success. It's neat to talk to folks and hear how they're using the product and see what they're using RejeX on.

Recently, I received these gorgeous images from Jim Rogers of Dallas, TX. He was encouraged by a friend to try RejeX on his new GMC Terrain Denali SUV. Jim thought the vehicle was shiny after a car wash, but then he applied RejeX, and ever since can't stop talking about the shine!

"I tell you what, that guy at the 7-11 the other night in the jet black Yukon XL thought he had the cleanest rig on wheels until Big Jim pulled in next to him in his baby SUV ... no contest! We're talking 'blowin' him outta the tub' sparkle. Hands down winner and STILL the Champion of Dazzle – that'd be me!"

Running out of vehicles to RejeX, Jim was on the lookout for another project when his eyes settled on his old barbecue grill. A quick clean and polish followed by a coat of RejeX to seal up and protect the paint, and the grill was better than showroom. Way better.  

RejeXing BBQ grills isn't a new idea by any means. I've been encouraging cruising boaters to RejeX their transom mount stainless steel grills for years, as RejeX helps protect the stainless steel from corrosion (in the marine environment, even stainless steel will corrode), and it makes them much easier to clean. But I must admit this is the first painted grill I've ever seen RejeXed.

It's A Small World After All

The humorous finale to this story happened when Jim e-mailed his friends to tell them about his experience with the product. One of Jim's schoolmates, who was on the e-mail distribution responded, "You DO know that [our mutual college friend] Joe Hill's son (that would be me) works for RejeX, don't you?" 

And THAT's how I received all the wonderful images to share.

P.S. Jim now thinks we should start selling RejeX at Barbeques Galore®. Please keep those RejeX-on-the-hood photos coming!