How should old wax be removed from a boat hull prior to using RejeX?

Question of the Day comes from Tom Gurley who asks, "How should old wax be removed from a boat hull prior to using RejeX®?"

You can do it a number of ways depending on the condition of your gelcoat (or marine paint) and what your preparation process needs to be. If you used wax in the past and it’s been on your boat out in the sun for more than six months, no special preparation is needed. The old wax is essentially gone, or perhaps stating it more correctly is that any residual wax will be broken down, and will come off as soon as you wash it. 

SV Redcat upon arrival in New Zealand after a long Pacific crossing

If your gelcoat is dull, or if you rub up against it and oxidized gelcoat "chalk" comes off on your skin or clothes, you will need to polish it prior to applying RejeX. The good news is that if you need to polish your boat, then no special preparation is required either, as the polish will remove whatever wax remains on the surface.

Stripping wax is really only needed if you have a gelcoat or marine painted hull (such as Imron or Awlgrip) that’s in good shape (i.e. doesn't need to be polished), and the wax is still relatively fresh. In this case, it really is a good idea to strip the wax before applying RejeX. The reason for this is that although RejeX will go on top of wax just fine, wax is much softer and less durable than RejeX. Once the wax has degraded, which can be as little as a few weeks in many environments, then the RejeX will wash off with the wax because the RejeX has bonded to the wax rather than directly to your boat's hull. So it's worth taking a few minutes to strip the wax.

This can be accomplished simply by washing with either our Xtreme Clean or Xhaust & Soot Remover product in lieu of your standard boat soap. Just mix either product up in a bucket of water and wash as usual. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry. Keep Xtreme Clean and/or Exhaust & Soot Remover off glass, and if it gets on there accidentally, just be sure to rinse THOROUGHLY. Once you're done, if you have any water sports, wipe them off with a damp, soft cloth wetted with a solution of clean water and white vinegar (I get a bottle of water, take a gulp, add a tablespoon of vinegar and shake it up).

Then RejeX. And watch your dock mates turn green with envy. If you're really nice, share this magic formula with them.

Check out that RejeX shine! Hard to believe it's the same boat just a few days later!!

Same yacht in all it's RejeX glory after a good wash, polish and RejeX paint protection.