First blog of the new website

What's so Special? 
For the first blog of the new and my first blog post EVER, I thought I'd do something from a recent, personal experience. Above is a photo my car keys. What's so interesting about old car keys, you might ask? Well, last spring, my wife and I drove down to Houston to work on a sailboat in preparation for an offshore race. Constrained for time, I hadn't had breakfast or lunch, so by that afternoon when we got to the boat, I was admittedly a bit loopy. I started on my project list by hosing off the bird poop and other accumulated dirt and junk that seems to be attracted to boats.

So let me paint the picture: Imagine a tired, hungry, sweaty guy with a soap bucket, a brush and a garden hose walking backwards down a finger pier as he soaps, scrubs and rinses the boat from back to front. Not realizing he's getting near the end of the pier (again, using food depravation and low blood sugar as my excuse), he walks right off the end of the pier and falls into Clear Lake. Although it's technically a "lake", it's directly connected to Galveston Bay, and through the Bay to the Gulf of Mexico, so it's brackish saltwater. 

CorrosionX on Electronics
Many of you know about  CorrosionX, what an amazing product it is, and how it's become very popular for use on electronics – everything from waterproofing drones and other RC devices to protecting electronics from water damage. After recovering from the shock of hitting the cold water, I immediately slapped my pocket and felt the familiar shape of my keys. "Rats," I thought to myself! I climbed out of the water, opened the battery compartment of the keys and blasted it with a spray of CorrosionX. I'd like to report that CorrosionX fixed the problem miraculously, and we all lived happily ever after. Well, it wasn't quite that easy. Thankfully, on my key you can withdraw a manual "emergency" key, so that we could get into and still start the car.

Nine Months (or so) Later
Fast forward to February, and I hadn't given much thought to my old keys, as I had a spare set. Except one morning when I can't seem to find my spare set. Hmmmm, what to do? So in a moment of desperation, I grab my "ruined" car keys, which had gone untouched for about nine months. I rummaged through the drawer where I keep spare batteries, and I happened to have an extra 3V battery, so why not, right? Well I probably wouldn't be blogging about it if the story had a sad ending. You guessed it! I went out to the garage, the keys worked like a champ, and I've been using them ever since (the missing keys turned up that evening in my gym bag).

Morale of the Story?
CorrosionX isn't just for your drone, RC car, gun or fishing reel. If you live or work anywhere around water, a can of CorrosionX is a lifesaver, and sooner or later, it's going to save you big time. It's been awhile since I priced a new key / remote from the dealer, but it seems like no matter what make and model your car is, a new key is several hundred dollars these days. So when you're wondering if that $17.85 can is worth it, I figure that 1/10th of a cent squirt just saved me about $400.