CorrosionX Aviation CO2 aerosol NOW SHIPPING!

We are pleased to announce that CorrosionX Aviation is changing to CO2 propellant in order to be fully compliant with the latest U.S. Navy Mil Spec. Although the new product will be in the same sized can, converting to CO2 propellant will offer several benefits.

  • CorrosionX Aviation aerosol will now be ZERO V.O.C. just like the bulk liquid. So in those locations and industries where V.O.C. emission are monitored, CorrosionX Aviation will be exempt.
  • The new aerosol product is rated nonflammable.
  • New can design features a more accurate spray pattern actuator for better control (more even coating with less overspray)
  • New cap design protects can and actuator during storage and transportation

Because CO2 does not go into solution like the former hydrocarbon-based propellant, there are actually a few more ounces of CorrosionX in the new CorrosionX Aviation can, even though its net weight is still 16 ounces. That's why the cost of new CorrosionX Aviation aerosol will be $19.95 rather than $17.85 per can for regular CorrosionX.

CorrosionX Aviation CO2 propellant part number is 80101.

CorrosionX Aviation CO2 aerosol is on the qualified products list (QPL) for MIL-PRF-81309G Type II Class 2 CO2.