Concerned about how to wash your RejeX sealed vehicle? Don’t be.

We received this same question three times this week, so we felt it important to pass this info along, and we’ll add it to the RejeX FAQ page.

“Hello, I recently sealed my RV with RejeX, and it looks great. I'm wondering what I can use to keep it looking this way. I used a cleaner / stripper before Rejex application. Can I now use my normal wash and gloss for the next cleaning of the RV now that RejeX has cured completely?”

When allowed to cure properly, RejeX is rated for 50+ detergent wash cycles. It is extremely tough stuff!

So on one hand, it really doesn’t matter what you use to clean your RejeX sealed vehicle, because there’s nothing you can use that would be strong enough to strip RejeX that won’t also strip your paint.

On the other hand, if you put a fresh coat of RejeX on your car, you really don’t need much of anything to get it clean. For example: I can’t tell you how many times over the years that I’ve RejeXed my car and driven to work in the rain (which of course is why it rains ... I RejeX, therefore it’s going to rain), and upon arrival have marveled at how clean the car is - except for maybe a little mud splash behind the back wheels it looks like I just had it detailed!!

In professional detailing, the proper rule of thumb is to always use the mildest solution that still makes the job easy. It saves wear and tear on the finish that way. So in your situation, I would recommend a car wash soap from a reputable manufacturer such as our Pro Wash RX. It is pH neutral, but has very high detergency (lots of bubbles and lots of dirt lifting power) and is super-concentrated. Most car wash soap manufacturers know their product is going to go down the alley drain, so they SHOULD be designed to biodegrade.

I am 100% sure you can use your normal wash and gloss product after RejeX. I don’t know who the specific manufacturer is, but I’m positive that the “wash” side of the equation will have zero to negligible effect on the RejeX coating, and the “shine” side (whether that product is fortified with wax, PTFE or conventional polymers) will just come off in the rinse or on your drying towel. But either way, the your finish will look just great!

I hope that guidance is useful. All the best,