A question about detergents

We get a lot of good questions from customers, so this morning I had the thought that maybe it would be a good practice to start sharing some of them, so that we can all benefit from the shared experiences of the RejeX / CorrosionX community. If you like, feel free to chime in with your personal experiences using the Facebook link, and we can continue to conversation on that forum. 

Luke Lucas asked the question, "Can I use any car wash detergents on RejeX without degrading performance or affecting future applications of RejeX?"

Hello Luke,

When allowed to cure properly, RejeX is rated for 50+ detergent wash cycles. So in practical terms, detergents (as well as other chemicals like acids and solvents that would normally degrade traditional wax-type products) have almost negligible effect on RejeX. The basic concept behind RejeX is to cloak your vehicle in a chemically resistant coating, so that (for example) the acids in bird droppings, bug splats, tree sap, pollution, etc. won’t damage or degrade your clear coat and paint. The fact that RejeX has other useful physical properties (e.g. slickness, UV resistance, high temperature stability and the fact that it stays water clear for its entire lifespan) is just a bonus.

All that being said, 1 rule of cleaning/detailing is that you always want to use the mildest, safest product you can that will get the job done easily. Car wash soaps from reputable companies should be pH neutral (or very close to it) and should ideally use minimal environmental impact formulas (so the the rinse water that goes down your alley and into the storm drain isn’t harmful). So by their very nature, good carwash soap is going to be fairly gentle as compared to other types of industrial cleaners.

For example, we sell a wicked cleaner/degreaser called Xtreme Clean. It’s terrific for removing baked on brake dust and for stripping old wax. But you wouldn’t want to use that as an everyday vehicle wash soap because it’s too aggressive. For everyday wash and shine, we make products like Pro Wash RX and Boat Bath that are pH neutral, have shine and rinse enhancers, etc. Most good car wash soaps should have formulas more similar to Pro Wash.

Hope that helps. Have a great day,