"After a month of building up road crud, the side of the [car] treated with RejeX came clean with one swipe of the sponge..."

Car and Driver RejeX test
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"On paint in good condition, it eliminates the need for waxes, and one application will last up to 12 months."

Good Sam Club likes RejeX

10 Best Boat Care Products – Ever

"Few products become legends, but it does happen... These are the best that have been invented yet... Particularly impressive is RejeX's ability to 'reject' surface contaminants; once cured, dirt which would normally require a scrub brush to get rid of often rinses away with a blast of the hose."


"This is pretty cool stuff and I highly recommend it. I'm always amazed when one of the smaller companies trumps the big guys, and this is a classic example. I have no idea how they did it, but Corrosion Technologies has come up with a winner!"

Read the complete story here

"What makes RejeX stand out from other polishes is not just its ability to keep the boat cleaner longer, but the fact that it works on just about every non-porous surface."

RejeX boat
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"We were impressed with this product's ability to keep bug splats and exhaust stains from sticking to paint."

Aviation Consumer praises RejeX
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"It seals against most stains, requiring just a splash-down with little or no rubbing. A solution like this is worth the retail price."

Boating Life recomends RejeX

"Lasts longer than any wax job."

Southern Boating recommends RejeX


For car, boat, RV, motorcycle and airplane afficianados, it seems like one of the most hotly debated topic is "What is the best 'wax' for my vehicle?"



"During a local Porsche event 10 years ago, I was first introduced to RejeX and have been a steady user ever since. I'm particularly happy with its ability to effectively resist the usual contaminants normally encountered while driving. For me, this has been especially important while transporting my show car to various Concour events on an open trailer. Once at the event, there is very little time to go through a major detailing effort to bring thing back to optimium appearance.

I spend just 15-20 minutes with Mr. Detail and the car is ready for judging. I've done this about five times this year with great results! There is no doubt in my mind that one coat of RejeX has made this possible. It is great to have discovered something which is both easy to work with and actually does what it's supposed to do. If appearance and genuine protection are important, once must give it a try."

Ted Voigt
2014 Chico Concours d'Elegance "Best of Show"
Sports Car Club of America 2014 Champion

Sailboat rudder without RejeXThese photos were sent to us by 4-time World Champion sailor Jay Lutz, who owns the North Sails sail loft in Kemah, TX.

According to Lutz, the top photo is the untreated rudder from his J/70 sailboat Zounds Hearing after a mere three days in Galveston Bay as he prepared for and competed in the 2016 J/Fest Southwest Regatta. Note the obvious stain in the gel coat where the rudder was below waterline.

boat hull with RejeXThe second photo shows the hull of the same boat after the regatta. Even though the boat had been in the exact same water for the exact same period of time, the hull's gelcoat is a uniform, stain free, glossy white. The difference? RejeXing the hull not only reduces friction to (theoretically) increase acceleration and speed, the RejeX coating provides unbeatable protection against common contaminants including staining that is caused by dissolved organic material in confined waters.

"Been 'waxing' my hull with Rejex for the past 5 years on my white hull center console, never need to use any kind of hull cleaner to remove the scum, rinses off with water and a light brush. I boat in the Chesapeake Bay in brackish water, and without treatment I can confirm, my boat would look like the rudder above in a matter of a few hours in this water. Use it on my autos and boats, keeps bugs from sticking to the front of my vehicles, wipe right off. Great product."

Bob Ernst via RejeX Facebook


"On October 29, 2011, I made one of my usual departures from Waukegan Airport in Chicago, Illinois. I planned on climbing to 13,000 feet to get on top of a storm cell. En route, I entered the cell at 10,000 feet knowing there would be some ice the cell. Even though I knew my plane would probably pick up a little ice before getting on top, I figured I could safely transition a few thousand feet of altitude inside the cell.

Airplane IceNot the case! I got out on top with more ice than my aircraft could handle!! As soon as I broke free of the cell, my airspeed had dropped to a point where my autopilot disengaged. If that wasn't problem enough, the engine stopped running due to my air intake being clogged with snow, ice and freezing rain. At that point, the aircraft started losing altitude, and I went right back into the freezing rain and snow. Within 30 seconds, I lost total control of the airplane, and it went into a spin. No control input I tried had any effect. Knowing I was heading for the bottom of Lake Michigan, my thoughts were of my wife and how it was gonna feel when I hit.

Then at 7,000 feet, the engine restarted somehow, but I knew I probably still had too much ice on my aircraft. All the sudden, I regained control and was able to engage the autopilot again. Looking out my left side window, while I could still see some ice on the inboard leading edge of the wing, I was stunned to see the rest of the wing was completely clean and free of ice! I used my cell phone to take the attached photographs."

I am 100% convinced that if I didn't have a fresh coat of your RejeX on my wing, I wouldn't be here today telling you this story!

I'm a commercial instrument rated pilot with 2100 hours.

Miracle Workers From Sealant to Polish, We Bring You the 10 Best Boat Care Products – Ever
Do It Yourself Boat Owner magazine

RejeX. Is it time to give your wax the axe? If you've tried Rejex, you probably think so. This stuff is a polymer coating that takes the place of a wax finish on gel coat. It's supposed to leave a slick coating that's less then a micron thick, which lasts for four to six months, has a great shine, protects the gel coat, and prevents stains and slime from sticking.

There have been other polymers on the market prior to RejeX, but it's the first one I've used which keeps all of its promises. Particularly impressive is its ability to "reject" surface contaminants; once cured, dirt which would normally require a scrub brush to get rid of often rinses away with a blast of the hose.



Here's a video we found on YouTube. According to the author jvr826, the video shows "rinsing off 1,000 miles of caked-on race pad brake dust." Most people would call that incredibe. We call it RejeX.

"One thing everyone has failed to mention is, REJEX has about the highest UV Protection on the market. We have used it on our 96' Buick Park Ave. White of course since day one. The car after 127K still looks brand new. We also started using it on the 07' Arctic White Vette, no doubt has the best shine of any product out there."

Dallas, Ga.

"I just wanted to let you know that the RejeX that you sent me is working GREAT so far on my car. The rain beads up better than with any wax that I can remember, and I never need to use my windshield wipers on the Interstate. Around town I just hit the wipers every once in awhile to clean off the beads. So far it seems to work just as good as Rain-X, does not harm the paint & it does not appear that it will smudge-up on the windshield like Rain-X does when you use the wipers too much. I have not been able to get a bird around my car so far (Ha-Ha), but the bugs really do wash off easy with a hose; same for road grime on the side panels. Cleaning my car is now a breeze!"

Jim Riley

"I live in Florida were the sun rays are horrible for car surfaces, expressly red! A friend of my mine who is a main distributor of CorrosionX and RejeX in southwest Florida. He uses RejeX on his car for over ten years with his car that is out in the sun everyday. I'm amazed it still looks brand new! I have a year old car and used RejeX from day one. I highly recommend this product!!"

Michael Bennett

"I am compelled to write to you about the results I’ve had with RejeX on my Porsche 2004 C4S Cab. This is the second Porsche I’ve owned, and both have been Guards Red. I, like many car enthusiasts, have been detailing my own cars for my entire life. For many years I used carnauba products recommended for Porsche vehicles, and have had great results. I’ve also tried other ‘treatments’ but usually came back to the carnauba. My C4S Cab is a daily driver, so it sees just about all conditions other than ice/snow.

When I read about RejeX, I was intrigued. My ’04 came in around early May, and I gave it two months’ time to fully ‘cure’ before I did anything to the finish. It does get washed just about every week. When I called you to find out more about RejeX, I discovered quite a lot about the product and the company, and I appreciate your candor. Not knowing exactly how this would perform, I decided to give it a try.

As you know, I am in the Porsche and other highline automotive parts business (appearance items). I, like many, am very particular about what I use on my Porsche. I followed the instructions carefully, cleaned the car and applied the first coat of RejeX. The process went very smoothly, the RejeX went on easy, came off easy, and left a nice shine. I left the car overnight in my garage as recommended, and repeated the treatment the following weekend.

The first thing I noticed was how rich the shine was - as impressive, if not more so, than typical high-end carnauba. The next thing I noticed was when I washed the car the following week, nearly all the dirt washed right off! I was amazed at how much easier this made the weekly washings. So on the third treatment a couple of months later, I fully detailed the Porsche wheels and applied RejeX.

I’ve been doing this about every two months since, and the finish has held up better than I ever expected! Guards Red, as a glossy non-metallic, will show every flaw, much like gloss Black will. I won’t promote any product I don’t use, try or witness its performance, so I was ecstatic to add RejeX to our company’s product lineup, so that others can share the wonderful benefits of this great product. I have recommended this to countless car aficionados since, and everyone has
had terrific results thus far.

Hats off to you and your team for making such a terrific product! Now I consider myself complete, with the THREE R’s – RejeX’d, Red, and Ready!"

Eric Sklut

"I’ve put two coats so far of RejeX. I could tell right away that it was a harder surface than any Zaino product."

Bob Waugh

"I have been detailing cars and boats for over 15 years, and I just wanted to let you know how I love RejeX. It is by far the best product I've used, and I've recommended it to several of my customers – even my boss he loves the product and the results as does everyone else. Thank you for reading this. i sent some photos of the last vehicle i did."

Peter Czarnecki

RejeX is the best car wax Amazing shine and protection
So slick, bugs don't stick to bumper Rejects brake dusk from wheels
Click pictures for larger image

"I recently attended a local motorcycle meeting and, came across a bike that had an awesome shine. When I found out the name (RejeX) of the product that produced the condition of the bike that I saw, I quickly ordered a bottle. GOOD GOD have you got a great product. Thank you so much! My 1995 Honda Gold Wing has never looked so good!!!!!!!!!!!"

Richard Jensen
Deltona, FL

"Thank you for the prompt reply, Mr. Hill. Also, thank you for your technical explanation in regard to the actual working of RejeX. I am a RejeX user, both at home and at work. I've been so impressed with the performance of RejeX at work; I bought my own bottle to use at home. I'm a mechanic for Petroleum Helicopters, Inc., and we use RejeX on our aircraft. If I may, I would like to share this information with some of my fellow mechanics at PHI. We’ve often wondered exactly what was happening when RejeX was applied to our helicopters. I'm very impressed with your product! Thanks for your time."

Terry Younkin
Petroleum Helicopters, Inc.
Houston, TX

"We're off to a good start. I just received the RejeX and applied some to the hood of my 911. It's really easy to use and feels great. I will let it sit in the garage overnight and see how it looks in the sunlight tomorrow. So far, it looks at least as good as Zymol with a fraction of the effort. I just wanted to mention that RejeX works like a charm. In the 9 months that I’ve had my car, I have yet to have to wash it. I just wipe it down once a week with detail spray and it's good as new. It’s a very good product and I’ve let people know!"


"I bought RejeX and coated both my cars in the fall before winter hit here in Columbus. I made sure the surface was free of any contaminants by first putting on a paint cleaner (but no wax). In previous years, I would always wax the cars before winter, but even with a coat of high quality paste wax my cars would look pretty bad with their first washing in the spring.

My car had not been washed in 4 months, so I could not believe my eyes this weekend when I washed my car! The paint is perfect!! The car beads better than a fresh wax job even after enduring a whole winter of filth and salt. I can tell that all I'll need to do the next time is a simple, easy on coat of RejeX with no cleaner necessary. Truly unbelievable!

My car is modified and has a front-mount intercooler, which has "polished" input/output pipes that are exposed to the salt. After the previous winter they were pitted and showing rust. I cleaned them up and waxed them but I knew that each succeeding winter would make them worse. But this past fall I put RejeX on them and there are absolutely no rust spots – none! I'm telling everyone I can about your product."

Andy Steinman
Columbus, OH

"My plane likes RejeX, and has it over the entire surface. It flies better, higher, faster and with less fuel. And RejeX is easy to apply, and that’s no polish joke!!!"


"I recently purchased a 16 oz. bottle of your RejeX for use on the front of my RV. After a recent trip through the South, I accumulated quite a collection of bugs, which really put RejeX to the test. After returning home, I was able to remove 90% of the bugs with a hose and the other 10% came off quickly with a damp towel. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the performance of RejeX. I am the president of an RV travel club consisting of 65 members units and also work for a national RV tour company. We have a club meeting next Tuesday, and I plan to tell all our members about RejeX."

Bill Spate
Loudon, TN

"I used your product after reading about it in CAR and DRIVER. I used it on the alloy wheels of my wife's 2003 maxima. Now, the wheels do not collect brake dust hardly at all. This product really works even after 2 months after application. Thanks for a great product!"

Jim Sebring
Savannah Georgia

"I just felt compelled to send you a note to let you know how pleased I am with REJEX. I applied your product to my Montana fifth wheel camper two days prior to making a 580 mile trip to Bedford, Pennsylvania from my home in northwestern Indiana. Upon arrival in PA. my high profile fifth wheel sat for a week and let the collection of bugs dry. I then pulled it home (another 580 miles) and let the unit sit for two more days. I washed the collection of bugs off in about 10 minutes with a long handled brush and mild carwash detergent. This makes washing my camper so much safer, since I don't have to stand on a plank placed on top of the sides of my pickup truck, or use a ladder. I also put REJEX on half of the grill and front bumper on my truck to make a fair comparison. The bugs on the treated half washed off with a sponge and the same car wash solution used on the Montana. I had to scrub the other half of my grill. Please find enclosed pictures of my rig since a picture is worth a thousand words."

Thanks again,
Jim Van Fleet

"I just purchased RejeX and have applied it to my 50th anniversary corvette. I love the product and it does everything that you said it would!!"

I love RejeX,

"I just wanted to say that RejeX is by far the best product that I have ever used to protect the finish of my RV and my Suburban. Living in the south and having tried many different products to protect the finish of a vehicle from not only sun damage but the dreaded love bugs that occur twice a year. This is the first product that I have been able to us and just rinse off the bugs with a little soap and water and no scrubbing. I am recommending RejeX to everyone I know. Keep up the great work."

Chris Hunt

"I used RejeX on the front bumper of my white '02 Toyota Camry, which is a bug magnet. RejeX worked great – the few bugs that did not come off with spray from the hose wiped right of with a rag. No more scrubbing!! If you would send me a bunch of brochures like the one you sent with the product I will give them to all of my airplane buddies, boat buddies and clean car buddies."

Frank Doran
Dover, TN

"I waxed my wife’s Expedition with RejeX right before a trip to central Florida from west Tennessee. I am very impressed with the shine and slickness of the finish. We killed a lot of bugs, but just driving in the rain was enough to wash them off the front of her truck. I’ve never had a wax do that before! I am recommending your wax to all my friends."

Rich Brown, Ph.D., PCM
Henderson, TN

"If you recall, I’m the guy who mentioned that I own a twin engine Navajo Panther that burns 90 gph on takeoff and blows exhaust products directly on the main landing gear legs and into the gear wells. Keeping those critical components clean is a never ending process, and over the years, I have tried every cleaner and polishing agent on the market to ease the labor intensive task. RejeX is the only product that makes the process easier – just like your advertising says it
does. Of course, I use RejeX on other parts of the aircraft as well and on my cars. It is simply the best sealer I've ever tried, and I've tried them all. I’m a chemist, so I know something about such things and give RejeX an A+. Thanks for the advice and a fine product, which has become a permanent part of my inventory."

Allan Bower

"Just did my car with RejeX. What a pleasure! I'll never use wax again."

Very truly yours,
Rob Edward

"RejeX saved me from myself: I was trying to repair something and super glue fell on the door of my Porsche Boxster. Because of the RejeX, it wiped off without incident. This is unusual as I've seen Super Glue eat into the clear coat layer almost on contact."

Mel Rainer

"My husband and I want to pass along a huge thanks for creating a product that does exactly what you say it will! We are amazed by REJEX and will be using it on our entire fifth wheel, as the weather permits.

With our usual skepticism, we applied your product to the front of our RV a couple of weeks ago and application was simple, just as you said it would be. This weekend got a chance to test the effectiveness of RejeX. After a 150 mile trip through all sorts of bugs and butterflies, we figured clean up would be a real chore, as it has been in the past. Imagine our surprise when we were able to spray the front of the camper and with little or no effort, just wipe the bugs off!!

We promise to let everyone we know that your product is superior to any we've tried. We have not been able to locate RejeX in any of the Ace Hardware stores we've recently visited, but we imagine it won't be long until it appears on their shelves regularly. Hope you guys are ready for the demand for RejeX, because there's nothing out there that can compete! Thank you again for making our lives a little easier."

Ruth and Ken Neilson

"While driving on a state highway yesterday I came up behind a slow moving line of cars behind a state truck towing a wet paint sign. They were painting the white stripe on the right side of the HY. I took the next exit avoiding the newly painted line. After arriving home I noticed paint overspray all over the right side and rear of my 2 month old CE GS. Thankfully I just put on a coat of Rejex a couple of weeks ago. With the combination of two weeks of brake dust and the Rejex it all just washed off with the exception of the wheel wells."

CorvetteForum Senior Member

"Rejex works great. I have two old 8 cylinder Detroit Diesels and I just rarely if ever get any soot at all on my transom; if and when I do get a trace it comes right off with a hose."

Hatteras 56MY

"I use RejeX on all the other cars since they stay out 24/7, and nothing seems to penetrate the RejeX, including bird droppings." car blog

"Anyone who’s ever made a haul like this knows that it usually results in a bug-splattered, tarry, road-goo messes on the boat—and I had plenty of them, running down the highway. I spent the next two days fishing, including two launches and retrievals, so I’d also be sure to have scum lines running down the hullsides and blood specks on the deck. Finally, I towed it back home, and stepped back to survey the results. At a glance, it did look like the boat was cleaner than it should be, I’d guess by maybe 25-percent. Good results, but the boat still needed a thorough clean-up. When I broke out the scrub brushes and soap, the real value of a coat of RejeX became apparent: instead of needing a thorough scrubbing and wax job to get the boat clean, all it took in most cases was a direct blast from the hose. Even in bad spots, a swipe with the brush—instead of lots of elbow grease—was all it needed to get rid of the grime and blood, and it cut my clean-up time significantly."


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