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Barnacle-X is the first barnacle and marine growth dissolver / remover whose chemistry targets the complete range of issues associated with fouling organisms and the dissolved minerals contained in fresh, brackish and seawater. Barnacle-X not only dissolves calcium- and silicone dioxide-based shells and exoskeletons, but it also targets the bioadhesives used by barnacles, zebra mussels and limpets.

  • For use on both freshwater and saltwater systems and hulls
  • Effectively dissolves the calcium and silicone dioxide shells of fouling organisms such as barnacles, mussels (including the dreaded zebra mussels), limpets, coral and algae
  • Contains the natural release agent for the bioadhesives secreted by fouling organisms
  • Safe on bronze, copper, gelcoat and marine paints when used as directed
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