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Asphalt Remover Citrus

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Asphalt and Tar Remover

Asphalt Remover Citrus is a bio-based formula made using natural plant oils to create a product that offers all the cleaning power you need without resorting to the harsh, environmentally hazardous chemicals used by most commercial tar and asphalt removers.

  • Bio-based
  • Nonhazardous
  • Contains no chlorinated or hydrocarbon-based solvents
  • Environmentally responsible and biodegradable
  • Nonflammable (flash point more than 250° F)


Asphalt Remover Citrus can be diluted up to 5:1 with water (one part Asphalt Remover Citrus to five parts water) to clean lighter accumulations of asphalt and tar. For heavier deposits, us product at full strength. Simply spray Asphalt Remover Citrus on dirty areas of equipment to be cleaned. Allow product to sit at least 5-15 minutes (longer for larger/heavier deposits). Scrub with a brush, rag or sponge as needed and rinse thoroughly.

Asphalt Remover Citrus Safety Data Sheet (SDS download)
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